Saturday, September 4, 2010

Quilled Compilation for Beautiful Frames

These are beautiful compilation of quilled creations which I have box framed so that it doesn't look any less than any beautiful work of art when put on walls.

Quilled Butterfly ( husking)

Quilled Doll

This is a doll that I made for my mommy.... She always wanted me to make doll in glass painting but I somehow wanted to gift her something unique... So i spent like almost 30 hours to make this one n in all the quilling that I did I guess this has turned out the best.... Love u mamma.

Quilled Bird

I Love birds n animals n I wanted to create something rare n here goes my multicolored bright bird.... to add to its background nothin better than a few branches n flowers n green leaves add to its beauty.....

Quilled Flowers

I always used to see my students wonder how I create these things especially flowers n that too so many different varieties..... so here is a set of whole range of flowers u can pick from while doing any projects... just a different color combination will make any flower look different than mine ...

Quilled Photo Frames

These are beautiful quilled Photo frames which make a very lovely personalized gifts to ur loved ones....The base is made with mount board n covered with hand made paper n then OHP sheet is stuck so that the photograph is protected.... I absolutely love them as they are very lite n there is no glass so no worries about kids touching it.